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Commercial Motorized Shades

Audio Video Innovations provides commercial shading control solutions.  While sunlight can invigorate the workplace, it can also decrease productivity with glare and over-heating spaces.  Managing the daylight in commercial spaces will optimize comfort and lower energy costs.  Commercial shading control systems can also be automated and integrated with other controls for additional savings and comfort.

Most buildings today do not utilize the daylight that is available in the space.  Because of this, they are over-lit.  This is a waste of energy.  It also causes discomfort and reduces productivity.  Preferred light levels and automated shade control create a more comfortable environment, and a more productive workplace.  There are many fabric options available to compliment your office décor.  Shading zones can set up, and easily reconfigured, to allow for flexible use of a space to meet specific daylight needs and situations. 

Audio Video Innovations can design a commercial shading control solution to meet most needs and budgets.

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Large commercial Lutron QED shade installation at a corporate HQ in Plano, TX.

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