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Midway Hollow Modern

Midway Hollow Contemporary Home

This beautiful urban in-fill home in Midway Hollow, a neighborhood in Dallas, TX. The home, built by Michael Turner at Classic Urban Homes, is a pristine example of modern construction. The rooms are sleek and modern, but still inviting and entertainment ready. 

The technology in the home is a great match for the structure itself. The homeowners were focused on simple technologies that allowed them to easily contol the music, video and lighting in their home. To meet the needs of this Dallas, TX family we installed Sonos, Triad Speakers, and Lutron Caseta

The Sonos system gives the family a simple, but powerful, way to control music throughout the home, with sources such as Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and more. The Sonos Playbars provide TV audio with clear dialog and powerful impact, but also stream music with incredible ease. The rooms that feature in-ceiling Triad speakers also use Sonos, with the electronics being hidden away in a single closet inside the home. 

Lutron Caseta allows the clients full control over their lights using dimmers, remotes, smartphones, tablets and more. Whatever works best for each family member. The Lutron system ensures that no one ever comes home to a dark home, and that lights aren't left on during the day, automatically adjusting the lights to the families desires. 

By using simple technologies the clients received a very smart Dallas home, at a very reasonable price. 

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