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Surveillance Solutions from ELAN

ELAN NVR Surveillance for Plano smart homes with analytics, facial recognition and vehicle detection.

Whether they are catching porch pirates, car chases or cute pets, we are seeing more and more Dallas homes with surveillance cameras. For smaller homes products like the Ring Doorbell and Nest Camera have made surveillance easy, but neither works well for complete coverage of a larger home. The systems that typically work well in larger homes, simply haven’t been easy to use.  

ELAN is making a move to change that. With the newest line of ELAN NVRs they are able to take full advantage of the user friendly ELAN interface, meaning that homeowners get easy-to-use control of all of the cameras in their home, right from the app they are already comfortable with.

ELAN surveillance allows you to easily review footage, view multiple cameras, and even talk to visitors from your tablet, smartphone or dedicated touch panels throughout the home. ELAN gives the ease-of-use of a DIY product like Arlo, but with the ability to cover an entire home, estate or even multi-family complex. 

Where ELAN surveillance really becomes powerful is when you consider that it is now woven into the fabric of your smart home. Your smart home has the ability to notify you that a guest has arrived, allow you to confirm their identity using your cameras, turn on the lights to the house, disarm the security system and unlock the door, all from one app. 

On top of all that, ELAN cameras now also includes an entire suite of unique features. Video analytics, vehicle detection and even facial recognition are available. ELAN cameras can even be programmed to shut off when the home is occupied, a useful feature if interior cameras are desired for security. 

If you are looking to update an older camera system, install new cameras on your existing home, or incorporate ELAN into a new Dallas smart home, please reach out today. As one of the premier ELAN dealers in Dallas, we are ideally suited to protect, and simplify, your home.

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