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Dedicated Luxury Home Cinema Design & Construction

A dedicated cinema may seem like an inefficient use of space to some and they would rather make it into a multi-purpose media room; but to others it’s the crown jewel of their home. A place suited to make events that create lasting memories, from a genuine movie night in with the family, to watching the big game on a big screen with the best of friends. It’s a place that truly…


Why Lighting Design? Part 3.

In the third and final installment of our blog series covering the effects of lighting on our health and quality of life we will be covering the changing world of lighting technology.

For better or worse, most new homes now feature LED lighting. The efficiency of LED fixtures is well documented, but many have never been happy with details such as color, quality, and dimming performance.…


The Sound and Silence

Balance of sound and silence can impact health and influence emotions. Prolonged excessive exposure to a deficient sound environment causes a range of problems, including stress, poor concentration, productivity loss, communication difficulties, and fatigue. When designing a home, consideration needs to be given to whether you are trying to stop sound getting into a room to keep it quiet, like…


Building for Peace of Mind

Even before COVID-19, Safewise reported that 58 percent of people living in the United States report feeling worried about their safety every single day. States where this concern ranked markedly higher than the rest of the country include…


Hiding the Clutter

Professionals will tell you that clutter can sap confidence, reduce creativity, impact your sleep, and increase tension. Yet in a modern home or office, all our devices, cables, tools, and technology increase clutter, which ruins your design and messes with your health. When you design for a healthy home, you look to hide some of this, or at least make it invisible. From speakers in the wall…


Something’s in the Air (and Water)

If we remember the first half of 2020 for anything, I am guessing most of us will remember the amount of time we 'sheltered at home.' Looking after the health of our family, our friends, and our community has been our most important priority. Some people will be ready to head outdoors or into public spaces the moment they are allowed, and others will take time before they want to be back in…


Lighting Control & Wellness

Great lighting design involves using layers of light to deliver the desired result, and that layering typically results in a large number of fixtures. To dial in the ideal lighting levels, most homes depend on banks of switches and dimmers, particularly in rooms like the great room, kitchen, and master suite. Those banks of switches are unsightly, complex, and inelegant solutions to a problem…


A Happy Home Is a Healthy Home

We all wish for the happiness and health of our families and friends. We all understand how diet, exercise, and even time spent with loved ones, is a critical step to achieving this wish. We also know that when designing a new home or office, we should devote considerable time to make our spaces comfortable and productive. The right materials, fabrics, and textures create an experience that…


Pimp Your Home Office

While we've all been living with social distancing and quarantine for the past few weeks, there is one thing every person working from home has in common, and there are millions of us. We are all struggling with crappy equipment and room setups, and therefore having terrible experiences with video conference calls. We almost all sound like crap,…


Why Lighting Design? Part 2

Before the harnessing of electricity, artificial light was expensive, and therefore relatively scarce. Over the last 100 years or so, the cost of lighting our world has become negligible, which has had enormous economic consequences. The home and the workplace became safer, factories increased productivity, and social activities extended late into the night.



Network Blues: Is Your Wi-Fi Making Life Harder?

If there were ever a time we needed our home networking to work better, it would be now. If you were to do a quick google search on “best router,” you probably wonder where to start when you get 124 million results. The issue isn’t the answer (like 42), but are we asking the right questions? In this blog, I…


Why Lighting Design? Part One

When humans first populated the earth, the largest influence on their lives was the sun. It determined when they woke and when the slept, when they hunted and when they hid. Even after the discovery of fire, the physical toll of maintaining an open flame limited its functionality as a light source. Even tallow candles, popular in the 14th century, were so expensive that only the most affluent…


Smart Devices VS. Smart Homes

This shouldn’t be news to anyone, but your average home contains more “smart” devices than ever before. Nest thermostats may have brought the trend to the mainstream, but Alexa, HomeKit, Sonos, and others have taken that momentum and run with it. You might think that adding a few of these devices would take you to the pinnacle of the “Smart Home,” but…


Your next TV – news from CES

Who ever said bigger isn’t better has never walked the TV area at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Reporters and news programs can give a misleading view of what CES has to offer, as they tend to focus on the ‘concept cars’ rather than the ‘production cars’ of technology. Last year, the stories about…


Home Presets

I often wonder “Why do we welcome technology more in our cars than in our homes?” After all, let’s go back to the last time you approached your car:  You probably pressed the button on a remote that unlocked the door and disarmed the alarm.  As you pull back on the door in your car, the light conveniently comes on for you inside and the seat moves back.  When…


Technical Support Derangement Syndrome

Does calling for help on your smart home problems give you Technical Support Derangement Syndrome?  It’s frustrating for anyone, especially when dealing with a luxury custom integration company, that all you hear is:


  • “I’m sorry. The person you need to speak with isn’t in the…

The Modern Projection Screen

Screen Innovations projection screens are ideal for any Dallas media room or home theater, and  models like the SI Zero-G and Zero Edge are perfect for any room in the home.

For many people the dated, velvet lined, projection screen doesn’t…


Hiding Sonos In Your Home

Sonos wireless audio is a great whole home music solution for Dallas smart homes, and with Leon we can make it look as good as it sounds.

Sonos has practically reached iconic status in the 17 short years since it was founded. Sonos delivers…


The Shifting Landscape of Landscape Audio

No Dallas Smart Home is complete without a backyard for entertaining. The big game on an outdoor TV, landscape audio around the pool and easy control of everything from your iPad.

Spending a Dallas summer evening with your family in the…


Sony A9G Wins TV Shootout

The 2019 TV of the Year Shootout took place, and the Sony A9G OLED beat the LG OLED, Samsung QLED and a Sony LED to win smart TV of the year.

At the 15th Annual TV Shootout, hosted each year by New York based integrator…


Cyber Security 101

Cyber Security can greatly affect high net worth individuals and their families. Out of date firmware on a router can leave a home open to hackers and data theft.


Can you remember the last time you updated the firmware on your router?…


Modern Shades for a Modern Home

Dallas home with automated shades in a large commercial glass window over a modern floating staircase. Lutron motorized shade was used instead of Hunter Douglas or Somfy based on the quiet operation for a huge window.

Automated shades are a great option for…


Worked with Nest

The Works with Nest program is ending, drawing attention to the instability within the DIY home automation market for Dallas smart home owners.

Google recently announced the end of the Works with Nest Program, effective August 31. The Works with Nest…


24/7 Support from AVI

iMac desktop computer with Parasol remote monitoring for Dallas Control4, Savant or ELAN smart homes.

The holy grail of service. You send a text, and like magic, your system is fixed.  

As sad as I am to admit it,…


Surveillance Solutions from ELAN

ELAN NVR Surveillance for Plano smart homes with analytics, facial recognition and vehicle detection.

Whether they are catching porch pirates, car chases or cute pets, we are seeing more and more Dallas homes with surveillance cameras. For smaller…


Is DISH for You?


Dish Network with the Hopper 3 and Joey is a perfect pairing for your Dallas Smart Home.

In the interest of providing options for our Dallas…


Preparing Your Yard for Spring

Spring means patio weather in Dallas, TX, and a smart home means more ways to enjoy your yard like outdoor audio, outdoor televisions, landscape lighting and more.

The first tease of spring weather has already come and gone, but it is…


Spring Break Tech Travel Tips

Everyone is traveling for Spring Break, and we have tips to help them enjoy their trip, including keeping their Dallas smart homes safe.

Spring Break is almost here, and most of our Dallas clients will be traveling with their families. Read on for a few…


Soap Opera Effect - And How You Can Fix It

If you own a 4K TV in Dallas and hate motion smoothing, or the soap opera effect, Tom Cruise agrees with you.

Have you ever noticed the odd effect on most 4K TVs, often referred to as the Soap Opera Effect? This is used to describe the hyper-realist…


4K | The Resolution of 2019

Streaming Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have made 4k HDR easier than ever to enjoy for Dallas smart home clients.


Chances are good that you have a 4K TV at this point, and chances are equally good, that you aren&…


The AVI 2018 Gift Guide

Great Christmas gifts for your Dallas, TX family and friends such as Sonos, Focal headphones, Sennheiser headphones, and the Samsung Frame.


If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for someone on your list, let us help.…


Ketra | The Future of Light

Ketra and Lutron tunable white light - RGB light to promote circadian rhythm leading to wakefulness during the day and great sleep at night. Dallas  Ketra Natural Lighting dealer.

Lighting may be one of the most important, yet overlooked, details when it…


Sonos and Hay releasing Limited Edition Speakers

Dutch design brand Hay and Sonos joined forces on a limited edition set of Sonos One speakers. Let us know if you need one for your Frisco smart home!

Dutch design brand Hay has teamed up wtih Sonos to create a limited…


Your next TV isn't a TV...

Ultra short throw projectors are the best way to get a huge image in any space. Options such as the Epson LS-100 and the Sony VPL-VZ1000ES provide stunning images without the hassle of installing a traditional projector in your transitional Dallas luxury home.



Making Your Smart Home Spooky

How you can make your Dallas smart home a spooky home for halloween and trick or treat.

Halloween is one of the most appropriate times for grown adults to act like children. So in the spirit of the spookiest holiday, here are a few ways your smart home…


Talking Technology with Your Clients

How to open conversations about technology with your Dallas interior design and architecture clients.

I will be the first to admit it, keeping up with the state home technology is a never-ending job. I am engrossed in it full-time, and I am still…


IOS 12 Features We LOVE

New features that iOS12 brings to the iPhone and iPad that control Dallas Smart Homes. 

In the last few years I have faced most Apple announcements with more than a handful of skepticism. As cool as new camera filters are (there is that…


Lighting Control for Designers and Architects

Lutron Lighting Control for Dallas Interior Designers and Dallas Architects - modern homes

Interior design is a largely visual medium, and how a room is lit has a huge impact on how it feels to an observer. A beautifully furnished room poorly lit…


Back to School - How a Smart Home Can Help

Dallas Smart home features from Control4, Lutron and Ring Pro to help you as your kid starts back to school.

It is that time of year when kids are back in school, and order is restored to Dallas area homes. Now priorities change from keeping kids out of trouble, to keeping…


Why You Hate Your WiFi

WiFi problems drive Dallas luxury home owners crazy, find out how to solve wifi issues and speed up your internet.

A common complaint when we meet new Dallas area clients for the first time is the quality of their internet. Testing of their network…


Specifying Motorized Window Treatments

Lutron and Qmotion automated shades are the best tool for keeping heat of our your Dallas smart home

Specifying Motorized Window Treatments 

One of the most dramatic tools interior designers use to transform a…


6 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

Homeowner's looking to build Dallas smart homes often make the same incorrect assumptions about A/V system design.

As the A/V expert for our clients, we are designing the systems that go into their Dallas smart homes, but often we are…


High Performance In-Wall Audio

High Performance Audio isn't just for audiophiles, it is for everyone.

“It needs to sound great.”

Believe it or not, we don’t really hear those words that often, and we…


Landscape Lighting

Title graphic for Dallas Landscape Lighting Coastal Source

You might not know this, but your home looks best at night. If you have a landscape lighting system you know what I mean. If you don’t, you are missing out.…


5 Best In-Wall Speakers for Your Home

5 Best In-Wall speakers for your Dallas smart home theater.

The 5 Best In-Wall Speakers for Your Home

In the not so distant past architectural speakers, meaning in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, were reserved only for…


Smart Device vs Smart Home

What is the difference between a collection of smart devices or IoT products and a professionally installed Dallas smart home?

Smart Devices VS. Smart Homes 

This shouldn&rsquo…


Motorized Screens | Building a 4-Season Patio

Outdoor motorized screens are the best way to protect your patio from bugs, sun and rain, and to turn your outdoor living area into a 4-season space.

In the spring and fall the patio is probably the most enjoyable living space in your average Dallas home.…


Outdoor Speakers to Make YOUR Backyard SING!

James Loudspeaker Landscape Audio speaker in tree in Dallas, TX

Spring is fast approaching in Dallas, TX, and we are quickly turning our attention towards preparing our yards for the warm weather. Outdoor living spaces with all of the amenities featured…


Can I use my INDOOR TV Outdoors?

Can you install an indoor TV on your Dallas Patio or Frisco Outdoor Kitchen?

Can I Use an Indoor TV Outdoors? The answer may surprise you...

As a Dallas home automation company, we spend almost as much time…


What to do With Your OUTDATED Home Theater

Most Dallas suburban homes have an outdated home theater that needs home theater updates. This is a common problem in Southlake, Frisco and McKinney, TX.

Most Dallas area homes have at least one poorly utilized room. If that home is in the suburbs…


Dallas to receive AT&T 5G first!

AT&T is bringing their 5G wireless service to Dallas, Waco and Atlanta.

Great news for AT&T Wireless clients in Dallas, you are going to have a substantially faster option for your wireless data service soon. AT&T announced late Tuesday that Dallas would be among three…


What you NEED to know before buying light bulbs

Choosing the correct LED bulb can be tough, but this guide can help you find the correct bulb for any task

Back in the good old days of incandescent lighting you went to the store, you bought a 60-watt bulb, and you installed it wherever it…


7 Tech Devices you NEED to enjoy in 2018

Tech that you need to use in 2018 from CES

CES 2018 just ended, and the world was introduced to hundreds, if not thousands of new and innovative technologies that manufacturers are about to thrust into the…


Security in the Smart Home

Smart Home Security modern home entryway stairs modern light fixture

People love the idea of a smart home for a lot of reasons. For most it is about convenience, allowing them to automate things that used…


Apple TV - Now Featuring Amazon Video

amazon prime video is finally available on apple tv

Rejoice Amazon Prime members, your beloved Amazon Video is finally available on Apple TV. As an audio/video integrator that uses Apple TV on almost every job we…


Samsung "The Frame" - Art or TV?

Picture of a 4K Samsung The Frame TV on a gray gallery wall

The new Samsung Frame TV is one of the most exciting innovations in the TV market in the last few years. Unlike recent advancements that have focused on increased resolution, curved screens…


Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Smart TV

Apple TV Roku Media Streamer Netflix Streaming HBO Now Amazon Instant

Apple TV vs Roku vs Smart TV

If you have done any streaming recently…

May 8, 2017

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hidden TV Fireplace Mirror TV Bathroom Artwork Samsung Frame

One of the only downsides to today's smart home technology is trying to figure out how…

May 20, 2015


Apple Watch now features the Savant App, allowing control of your smart home via your smart watch.

The Savant App On Apple Watch Makes It Easier Than Ever To Access Your Home From Anywhere

Hyannis, Mass. – May 20, 2015 –…

August 9, 2016

5 Good Reasons to Invest In Motorized Shades

Have you ever considered adding motorized shades or remote controlled drapes to your Dallas home?  Many homeowners who are considering motorized window treatments have their interest piqued by some aspect of an…

July 11, 2016

What Makes a Great Home Theater?

You have dreamed of having a home theater in your Dallas area home, but it seems like a daunting task.  There are so many options for screens, projectors and sound systems.  Here are the basic components that you should consider in order to have an immersive home theater experience.

July 11, 2016

Outdoor Home Theater

An outdoor home theater is like having a drive-in movie theater in your back yard.  Except, you get to choose what is showing!  In 1932, Richard M. Hollingshead experimented with a projector mounted to the roof of his car which projected to a screen mounted between trees in his back yard.  He would open the first drive-in…

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