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Preston Hollow Remodel

This gorgeous Preston Hollow home was remodeled by JRHammel (www.jrhammel.com) into a stunning and comfortable transitional home. Very little home technology is visible, but the home is thoroughly modern. Touches like custom painted speakers, in-wall subwoofers, and custom sized soundbars contribute to keeping the technology hidden in plain sight. 

Audio Video Innovations used an Elan g! system to give the homeowners intuitive control of their lighting, climate control, distributed audio and video. For TV watching the incredible HR2 remote is available. For music, both indoors and out, the customers rely on the smartphones and tablets. AVI designed a lighting system that would keep the public areas of the home free from cluttered banks of switches, while still allowing the homeowners to easily control their modern LED fixtures. The end result is a home that looks incredible and works incredibly well. 

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